No Relationship with Intuit

We are not associated with Intuit, QuickBooks, TurboTax or any other related enterprise. We don’t work for them, and they don’t work for us. We don’t have any contact with them, and they don’t contact us either. Two separate corporate entities, each doing it’s own thing. Our thing runs parallel to one of their things [They have many things], but that is as close as it gets.

Customer Service

For questions about our products and services, please contact us at Note that we cannot offer technical support for Intuit products, including the Sample Company (see above).

Return Policy

We cannot guarantee you will pass the test based on our materials alone, because everyone has a different learning style and language proficiency. However, if you purchase one-on-one coaching, we guarantee you will pass or you get 100% of your money back, both for the coaching and for the course itself.

If you are otherwise unhappy for any reason, please email us at, and let’s talk.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell your information or discuss your course progress with anyone outside of our company. However, if you post your results in a public place (such as on social media), we reserve the right to use it for marketing purposes.

Cheating Policy

We do not give the answers to the test. We teach you the information you need to be able to pass the test. Cheating reduces the value of certification for everyone involved, and as such, we have zero tolerance for cheating. While it is an open book test, online resources that simply provide the answers are unethical to use. If you are caught cheating, we will remove access to our course with no money back.