To the freelance bookkeeper who'd love to take home more for

To the freelance bookkeeper who'd love to

take home more for their number-

their number-crunching superpowers...

crunching superpowers...


Here's why cleanup is the fastest way to cross the 6-figure milestone:

If you do one $6000 cleanup every 30 days and keep each of those clients on a standard $500 monthly retainer…

You’ll make $105,000 a year.

And that’s assuming you’re starting from 0. Add that to the clients you already have and you could make that your 6-month goal.

Not bad for a 20-hour work week, right?

The math is foolproof. But those numbers will continue to look ridiculous until you…

Understand that clients do NOT know what they’re doing. The cost of leaving books messy because they’re blindly guessing is *SO* much higher than the high four-figure price you’ll be charging.

⇒ Have a foolproof system for helping clients understand the cost of your services. After all, the math behind your six-figure year is irrelevant if you don’t know how to sell yourself in a way that makes it nearly impossible for clients to say no.

Ditch hourly rates and start thinking in terms of the value you provide your clients. (Trust us, that value is a lot higher than free Facebook groups have led you to believe!)

⇒ Realize you don’t need to know ALL the answers to provide a white glove service for clients. (Relax, we have systems that’ll take care of that for you!) And most importantly…

You HAVE to stop giving your work away for free.

I repeat:

Cleaning up the mistakes someone else made is *NOT* part of your monthly bookkeeping. And EVERY time you fix a duplicate transaction or track down a mysterious invoice from the month before, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You’re leaving cash on the table.

Your ability to hit a predictable 6 figures depends on your ability to do the following:

Make life easier for you and your clients

Clean books save your clients time and money.

They’re not “nice to have”. They’re an essential part of your client’s business. Get it wrong… and your client risks heavy penalties in the event of an audit. (Yike!.)

When you put the risk of messy books into perspective, $5000+ for a cleanup job is a no-brainer.

Here’s what that means for YOUR business:

If you walk into a sales call armed with an ironclad method for making messy books clean…

Clients will expect to pay you *significantly* more than the average bookkeeper — simply for the peace of mind you bring them.

Imagine if you had a bulletproof workflow that allowed you to knock out jobs in half the time without panicking you’ve missed subtle nuisances. You’d be able to serve fewer clients while commanding higher prices. You DON’T need:

Years of experience

Marketing guru status

Sales wizardry

…to consistently bill bigger invoices. You need the time-saving techniques, workflows and sales strategies behind consistent $10K months.

Complete a thorough cleanup FAST


INSTEAD of working yourself ragged trying to suss it all out yourself…

You can swipe the six-figure strategies put together by my team of QBO experts.

Because with those strategies in your pocket…



The self-paced bootcamp for freelance bookkeepers who want to earn GREAT money by providing a white glove cleanup service to clients.

Eliminate guesswork

Walk into every cleanup job knowing exactly what to look for and how to fix it. No more panicking that you’ve made mistakes or put the puzzle together upside down. Wrap up every cleanup job with a clear understanding of what you did and why.

Multiply your rates

Never again sell yourself short because you charged by the hour or included cleanup in your monthly retainer. Get Mick Jagger confidence quoting high four-figure prices -- *NOT* because you pulled a number out of a hat… but because you know you’ll deliver on value.

Shave HOURS off each cleanup

Get tips and tricks to slash the time it takes for you to clean up the most chaotic books. Your coach worked at Intuit before we brought her on to teach this course. And now she’s bringing her exclusive workflows and insider secrets straight to your business.

Offer a creme de la creme service

Happy clients respect your rates and refer you to their friends. Get step-by-step workflows for pitching, onboarding and offboarding your client. Your client management system will set you apart from other bookkeepers and get you a glowing 5-star review every time.

“Already worth more than what I spent on the other course and I’m only on module 1”

“Honestly, it’s great! I bought another course a few months ago and felt lost. This course is already worth more than what I spent on other courses and I am only on module 1. The other course falls short in offering practical step-by-step guidance on how to implement these strategies in QuickNooks Online. This was effectively filled by Fast & Easy QBO Cleanup. In my view, their approach to the cleanup course is much more hands-on, reminiscent of the supportive style used their other certification courses.”

Jean Maple
Owner of Maple Acres Bookkeeping


Fast & Easy QBO Cleanup is your soup to nuts on 6-figure bookkeeping:

Multiply your rates with…
Diagnostic Review, Premium Pricing, White Glove Onboarding

Create an irresistible proposal that clients can’t say no to. Get walked through exactly what to look for in your diagnostic review (balance sheets, AR Aging and AP Aging, transaction volume — the works).

Cruise through our end-to-end checklist and use our advanced pricing calculator to set your new, premium rates.

This module is jam-packed with insider secrets to help you offer a white glove service that’ll set you 30ft above the rest.

Optimize your service with…
Setting Up For Success

Discover how to lay the foundations for a smooth cleanup without ugly surprises or hiccups along the way.

*PLUS* Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to share information securely — so you can build client trust while avoiding a potential data breach. *gulp*

Shave hours off your process with…
Effortless Transaction Review

Gain the confidence of a senior bookkeeper who has spent years identifying and clarifying transaction errors.

Get hand-held through the A to Z of conducting transaction reviews — including what to do when faced with uncategorized transactions or undeposited funds.

Sharpen your problem-solving skills. Effortlessly communicate transaction discrepancies with your clients. And shave hours off your review process.

Clean up the mess with…
Final Review

Get coached through our ironclad method for clearing out and amending duplicate vendors + customers, removing old A/R… and fixing all the other pesky errors that prevent you from doing your monthly bookkeeping.

This is where you’ll get specific training on things like 1099s, A/P and all the other headaches we’ve run into during 20+ years bookkeeping.

Achieve blissful balance with…
Account Reconciliation

If you’ve shied away from cleanup in the past because you’re intimidated by the mess that happens when the books don’t balance… the confusion ends today.

Discover how to reconcile:

✓ Asset accounts
✓ Liability accounts
✓ Equity accounts

…and experience the blissful satisfaction (and high paycheck!) of making messy books squeaky clean.

Breathe a deep sigh of relief and…
Complete Cleanup With Confidence

There are SO many problems that can arise when doing cleanup. Which is why we have an entire module dedicated to miscellaneous issues that might arise (payroll liabilities, custom fields, sales tax etc).

Now you can sign off on a cleanup with confidence no pieces of the puzzle are missing. Which means a better night’s sleep for you — and a whole lotta gratitude from your clients.

For total peace of mind, you must…
Wrap It Up With A Neat Bow

Get simple steps for reviewing the balance sheets to make sure everything is sparkling clean.

Avoid missing hidden errors by working through our end-to-end reconciliation checklist.

Discover how to report back to the client so they can walk away with a clear-as-day picture of their profits and losses.

Rocket your confidence by completing a hands-on cleanup inside the course!


Put it all into practice with a…
Final Hands-on Project

Time to solidify your new cleanup knowledge by putting it all into practice.

Execute a cleanup for a practice company with accounts that desperately need balancing. Prepare yourself for any issues you may encounter with real-life clients… so you can walk into your first (or next!) cleanup job with practice-backed confidence.

“Delivered exceptional value”

“Taking this cleanup course far exceeded my expectations … Working on a current cleanup client account became remarkably smoother, and having purchased multiple cleanup courses before, I can confidently say this one delivered exceptional value.”

Shiree Ross-Page
Founder of Sterling One Group

STEAL $888 of valuable bonuses - yours FREE when you enroll today!


The Ultimate Pricing Calculator
Put an end to undercharging with The Six-Figure Pricing Calculator. No more stressing about what to charge. Simply enter the project scope in our advanced calculator -- and get a specific number that demonstrates exactly what the cleanup is worth.

(VALUE: $297)


The Scatterbrain-proof Onboarding Checklist
STEAL our end-to-end process for onboarding new clients. No more panicking you’ve forgotten a step or fearing you’re “not organized enough”. Simply work through this comprehensive checklist for happier, confident clients!.

(VALUE: $197)


The 6-Figure Proposal Template
How do you create a proposal SO compelling… that clients have no choice but to say yes to your quote? We’ll show you how. Simply plug your project details into our proposal template -- and watch your close rate climb.

(VALUE: $197)


Diagnostic Review Cheat Sheet
Know exactly what you’re looking for when reviewing a potential client’s books and immediately see where they need help.. This is your secret weapon for better proposals and better-paying clients..

(VALUE: $197)

“I can apply what I learned immediately in my professional life”

“As someone who has been through numerous professional development courses, this stands out as a game-changer. The fact that I can apply what I learned immediately in my professional life speaks volumes about the courses effectiveness. I appreciate the forward-thinking approach, incorporating the latest industry trends and real-world scenarios. The hands-on exercises were particularly insightful, allowing me to apply the concepts learned practically.”

Elizabeth Latta
Owner of Account-Ability Bookkeeping

PLUS! Get LIVE monthly coaching with cleanup superstar, Corry Jankowski!

VALUE: $1997!!


Meet your coach, Corry Jankowski

While working at Intuit, Corry was assigned a string of complicated cleanups. This led her to put together a series of workflows for every situation — which she’s sharing for the first time inside our *brand new* cleanup course.

However, if you happen to stumble across something that we haven’t covered, we won’t leave you to cry it out in your kitchen at 3 am. Bring your questions to Corry’s *LIVE* coaching sessions and walk away with clear next steps to complete every cleanup with confidence.

“This will help you gain more clients”

“This course has a wealth of information on how to do cleanups. Once completed, it will help you gain more clients with the ability to offer this service at an advanced level.”

Ken Collins
Owner of BookKen Bookkeeping


SAVE $1000s!! and get:

Instant access to 8 essential modules!

4 Exclusive Bonuses!

💥 The Ultimate Pricing Calculator (VALUE: $297)
💥 The Scatterbrain-proof Onboarding Checklist (VALUE: $197)
💥 The 6-Figure Proposal Template (VALUE: $197)
💥 Diagnostic Review Cheat Sheet (VALUE: $197)

PLUS! Live monthly coaching

✨ Group coaching with Corry Jankowski (VALUE: $1997)

AND lifetime access to ALL future course updates. (We have $1000s of training in the pipeline!)


Now ONLY  $1797

365-day moneyback guarantee!

“There is no better way to learn than with hands-on experience”

“The Fast & Easy QBO Cleanup course is AMAZING!! There isn’t another course on the market that comes close to providing the level of detail and hands-on experience that this course offers. There are detailed videos, QuickNotes, checklists, a pricing calculator, and what is truly amazing… a final project where you independently clean up the books of a company using what you learned in the course. There is no better way to learn than with hands-on experience, and imagine the confidence you will have with your first client if you’ve already completed a cleanup through the course! As an accounting professional with over 25 years of experience in the field, I highly recommend this course for you and your stuff as QBO cleanups is an essential skillset needed to provide high-quality service to your clients.”

Karen L.G.
MBA Owner of KLG ProSolutions

Fast & Easy QBO Cleanup is RIGHT for you if…

Fast & Easy QBO Cleanup may NOT be right for you if…

365 Day Money-back Guarantee!

We’re SO confident this course will help you increase your revenue, that we’re giving you a whole year to take the training and implement what you learn. If after that time you haven’t *at least* 5X’d your investment today… we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Click here for details.

365-day moneyback guarantee!


Yep, we accept payment plans. Here are more answers:

A message from yours truly…

Hey, Margie here! Founder of Fast & Easy QBO.

When Corry told me she was making six figures working 20 hours a week doing cleanup… I knew I had to bring her in to create a training course.

I see SO many bookkeepers overdelivering and undercharging for their problem-solving skills… and honestly? It breaks my heart.

All that’s to say… I’m VERY excited to show you there’s a better way!

As you may have realized by now, when you don’t know what you’re doing, cleanup can be a HUGE headache.

But when you have a bulletproof account reconciliation system, you won’t just get to charge *a lot* more for your services. You get to have more fun and joy achieving blissful balance too.

One last thing:

Workflows are ultimately the big “secret” behind smooth and profitable cleanup. Which it’s why we’ve built the entire course on practical application rather than theory-based lessons.

I created my first course because I’m not a good reader, and I wanted to make the material more accessible. But just watching videos isn’t the answer either. I am so over online training courses where you just watch a video and maybe take a multiple-choice test and you’re expected to know what you’re doing. That’s not what Fast & Easy QBO is about.

We teach you hands-on how to do the thing so you have clarity and confidence to go out in the world and knock out a $6000 cleanup in 24 hours. And then repeat every month for your 6-figure year.

Oh, and if you’re still on the fence… why not take advantage of our 365-day moneyback guarantee?

You’ve really got nothing to lose.

You’ve got this,


SAVE $1000s!! and get:

Instant access to 8 essential modules!

4 Exclusive Bonuses!

💥 The Ultimate Pricing Calculator (VALUE: $297)
💥 The Scatterbrain-proof Onboarding Checklist (VALUE: $197)
💥 The 6-Figure Proposal Template (VALUE: $197)
💥 Diagnostic Review Cheat Sheet (VALUE: $197)

PLUS! Live monthly coaching

✨ Group coaching with Corry Jankowski (VALUE: $1997)

AND lifetime access to ALL future course updates. (We have $1000s of training in the pipeline!)


Now ONLY $1797

365-day moneyback guarantee!

“Get hands-on experience and clear direction”

“This is a great course that will give you hands-on experience and clear direction for completing an actual clean up from start to finish.”

Brandy Rolf
QuickBooks Online Advanced Pro Advisor