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If you are a bookkeeper, or hoping to become one, and have been frustrated with the free, but time consuming and often confusing training provided by Intuit, this course is for you.

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If you have ever tried to wade through the free QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor ADVANCED certification training from Intuit, you know that the volume of material is overwhelming, the concepts are confusing, it seems to take forever, and it simply does not adequately prepare you to take the ADVANCED certification test. And if you don’t pass the test after 3 tries, you get locked out for 60 days. 

That’s 60 days you will have lost from trying to build your business. 

This course changes all that, and it’s 100% guaranteed if you get coaching!

Each section takes 1 to 2 hours to complete, after which you will feel confident and prepared to take that section of your QBO test. Our students take about 8 hours to go through the ADVANCED Certification course.

For each section, just watch the video, follow along in the included QuickNotes, do the exercises, and take the test. It's that easy!

We take the most challenging concepts in QBO and make them crystal clear with graphics, easy explanations, and exercises to solidify the concepts. PLUS, we make sure you understand terms in exactly the way you are expected to know them for the test.

If you do not pass your QBO certification test on the first try, we will personally guide you through your second one. If you still don't pass it on the third try, you get your money back!



The question bookkeepers and accountants ask is ‘Do I really need my ADVANCED ProAdvisor Certification?’

  • After all, this is what you’ll be facing when you take the test.
      • Just like in the basic course, the Advanced test asks you keystroke [where do you find something] and content [what do you know about something] questions
      • However in the Advanced test about half of your questions will be Scenario questions. 
        • For example, “this is your client’s situation, how do you solve it?”
          • You will need to know when to use a specific tool in QuickBooks Online
          • You will need to know why your client’s situation requires that specific function instead of another seemingly obvious tool
          • You will need to know how that function or tool works too because…
        • You will likely be tested on troubleshooting a function or tool in QuickBooks Online, so you REALLY need to know what is happening under the hood.


The question is, what kind of bookkeeper or accountant do you want to be?



  • As an Advanced user, you rank among the best and brightest 

  • You will understand the ins and outs of QuickBooks Online at a professional level

  • Your customers will benefit from your knowledge,

  • Your workflow will go faster so…

  • You will make more money in your business

  • Your value as an accountant or bookkeeper will increase

  • Although no business will ever ask you if you have this certification, by learning the information you need to know to pass the Advanced certification, you’ll know the best way to solve your clients problems

  • Plus, Intuit will keep you in the loop when new features come out, so you’ll always be able to provide the most value possible to your clients.

  • It gives you bragging rights.

  • You’ll be able to put this in your email signature, on your business cards, on your website, etc.

  • Plus, because QuickBooks is the largest accounting software platform in the world, when you introduce yourself, people will remember

  • Once you have your certification, you can get listed on Intuit’s ProAdvisor website.

  • It’s FREE.

  • Set up a profile, collect reviews, and collect leads.

  • It’s everything you need and can even be your main website when you first get started.

  • Intuit will market your business for you!!

  • Intuit pays to make sure their website shows up in Google searches and ads, so you don’t have to!

  • At one time Intuit reported that 1 million businesses searched their website for accountants and bookkeepers every year!

Our Fans


This is just a small sample of the happy bookkeepers who have taken our course and gotten their certification.

Margie Remmers is the best. Her course made me certified in 3 hours. The value? You get listed for prospects for free. So she saved me time for my leads. Take her course if you want to save time.

Kevin D. Castillo Aragon

QBO ProAdvisor

I used Margie Remmers' system and passed in under 4 hours. Check it out!​

Amy Schwartz

QBO ProAdvisor

You should definitely reach out to Margie Remmers for help on the certification exam! Her course was super helpful and she answered my questions. I was able to pass the exam much faster than I would have with just the training from Intuit.​

Aaron Thibaudeau

QBO ProAdvisor

Margie's presentations clarify the most difficult areas in QBO. Her responsiveness to questions is unsurpassed. I recommend using her services to assist you with QBO training without hesitation!

Steve L.

QBO ProAdvisor

Margie's QBO training is excellent, not only does she do fantastic videos covering the material, but her quick notes and exercises are clear, concise and make it really easy to understand the material.

Karen Hall

QBO ProAdvisor

Margie is amazingly knowledgeable about QuickBooks Online. Her professionalism is outstanding. She will walk you through the training and you will learn as you go along. I am very thankful for the help and I do recommend her training for anyone who is struggling.​

Denise Pavlin

QBO ProAdvisor

Margie’s training is fantastic. She is so knowledgeable and her training is simple and clear. She gives you confidence and so much support.

Kelli A.

QBO ProAdvisor

Awesome to work with! Was able to help me with all that I needed! I am so thankful I have Margie to help me. Margie knows her stuff when it comes to QuickBooks!

Cheryl Bernoth

QBO ProAdvisor

Awesome training! Her practice sections were very clear and helpful!

Tracey Aldrich

QBO ProAdvisor

Thank you Margie Remmers for your breakdown of this test. It really helped me to make this official! Now to tackle the Advance Cert!

Britany Bird

QBO ProAdvisor

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About Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Margie Remmers. I am a lean bookkeeper, QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor, and daily money manager. I have a love of teaching, and in my former life I developed software training programs for hospitals across the country. So when I first went through Intuit’s free training (and experienced the pain and frustration you might have gone through as well!), I knew I could create something faster, easier, and better! The result are these courses that have helped many many bookkeepers just like you get their certification quickly and get on with the business of doing business. I have no doubt you will be among them and am excited for your success!!!

Frequently asked questions

You have to have your QBO Basic Certification first!!!

Every year Intuit quietly announces that all of its training and certification for QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor will be changing.  If you are currently in-progress for the QBO certification exam and/or training, you must complete your progress prior to November. No progress will be migrated to the new exams/training modules. If you are planning to start the QBO certification for the first time, we recommend you wait until Intuit’s test comes back up in November to take the new exam to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest training and updates.”

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAIT, you can get your certification NOW, and your certification will still be valid after the change over. There is no telling how long it will take you to get through their new training, but my course will help you get your certification in 8 hours. And if you don’t pass, I will personally help you with your retake!

BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST! My schedule is filling up, so I will be raising the price of the course each week to motivate you to get it done before it’s too late.

You don’t have to pay for this at all.

Intuit does provide free training both online, self-paced and as free webinars. However, it takes double and triple the amount of time to get through all the information, because they cover far more than what you actually need to know in order to pass the test. In addition, some of the questions on the test are not covered in the training. Finally, many students find that the specific wording of the test is confusing and difficult to understand, even if they are native English speakers.

It is unfortunate but true that the test is less about how well you actually know the software and more about how well you can take a test. Our course helps you through all that by making sure you understand what they are referring to when they use specific terms and how to understand what answers they are looking for from you on the test.

No. Each test is divided into sections. The Basic test has 8 sections, and the Advanced test has 10 sections. You must complete and submit one entire section in one sitting, but you can take a break for as long as you need to in between sections.

If you fail your test, Intuit allows you to take it two more times, after which you are locked out from trying again for 60 days. But that’s not going to happen! If you fail the first time, you can purchase an individual coaching session and we will personally walk you through your first retake. If you STILL fail after your second retake (though, honestly, no one has), we’ll give you your money back.

No! This course only covers what you need to know in order to get your QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification. If you want to learn everything (and I mean everything) you need to know about setting up your business, being a good bookkeeper, and marketing your services, we recommend Bill Von Fumetti’s Booming Bookkeeping Business Course. Learn more here: www.CrystalClearCashFlow.com/Bill

This course specifically uses the United States edition of QuickBooks Online and accompanying ProAdvisor test. Results in non-U.S. versions are not guaranteed.

The QBO Basic certification attests that a bookkeeper or accountant knows the standard functions and basic attributes in QuickBooks Online; or how the software works.

The QBO Advanced certification shows a bookkeeper or accountant knows many of the more advanced functions in QuickBooks Online, as well as throughly understanding how the software works enough to solve any issue or answer any question their customer can bring to them.