Do you want to make a positive impact on thousands of people?

Are you up for a challenge? We are growing in ways that require the best we have to offer and we need a dynamic, driven team member to help us bring our programs to life. Do you thrive in an environment where you are stretching yourself, your skills and what you are capable of, even when it may be uncertain? Are you able to work independently, with minimal oversight, and just do what needs to be done? Are you hungry to get into the details, master hard concepts, and then clearly articulate them in a way that others crave? If this gets you excited, then you might be a fit for our Course Development Specialist.

About You:

  • Above all, you are obsessed with CLARITY. You can’t stand it when things are cloudy, messy, unclear, or confusing. Your need for clarity drives you to ask questions when others don’t (maybe you were the teacher’s pet in school because everyone else was afraid to ask!). It compels you to spend hours making labels for your files, your pantry, your tools, or your kids’ clothes, because it is just so deeply satisfying to clearly see where things are supposed to go. It causes you to be proactive. You see what needs to be done, and you do it–not for attention or accolades, but because your obsession with clarity drives you to do the work.
  • This natural drive for clarity in your own mind has turned you into a gifted teacher. You find that people often ask you to explain things because you can break it down so clearly, and you love seeing the light of understanding turn on in someone’s eyes. Nothing compares to the thrill of helping someone else to finally “get it.”
  • Software and technology come naturally to you because your quest for clarity creates an innate curiosity that drives you to go deeper to understand the nitty gritty details of how things really work. People think you’re crazy, but you actually find it fun to spend time developing processes, software and tools that make tasks easier and more clear.
  • Unlike many people, numbers, math and money don’t scare you. You have always been comfortable around money and drawn to understand it more. After all, with money math, you can see clearly, black and white, simple and straightforward. You might even be the person everyone comes to when they have questions about their day to day finances.
  • Because of your obsession with clarity, you are a natural communicator. You ask questions until you fully understand the problem, and you clearly articulate your ideas and/or the answer to a question. You get a thrill from breaking things down and putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a comprehensive way to benefit others.

Step 1: Does this sound like you? Tell us why. What resonated with you? We’d love to hear some stories about how your drive for clarity shows up in your life.

About Us:

  • As you may have guessed, our number one value is CLARITY. We are obsessed with helping others see clearly, truly understand, and “get it.”
  • We do this by helping aspiring bookkeepers and other accounting professionals understand how and why they do their job a certain way.
  • We teach QuickBooks Online, the world’s number one financial software for small businesses, but we stand out from every other software training company because we don’t just dump a bunch of knowledge on our students. We use interactive, gamified activities, hands-on, simulated experiences, and AI-driven technology to make sure our students really understand what they’re doing through and through. Our goal is to provide the world with the most capable and competent bookkeepers on the planet.

Step 2: Would you like to work for a company like us? Tell us why. What experience or dreams do you have that makes you feel like you would be a good fit? We don’t want to read your resume, we want to get to know you! Tell us the stuff you feel is relevant. Leave out the stuff that isn’t.

About the Job:

  • Our company is small and constantly evolving, so there is the opportunity to carve out a position that is an exact fit for you.
  • That said, our immediate need is for someone to develop and implement content for our ongoing courses. We have built the structure. We have the tools. But we need someone who can think critically and who is detail oriented enough to work out all the bits and pieces that go into our course. We will show you what our students need to know, but we need you to design it, write it, and plug it in so our students can access it. The job is part content manager and part instructional designer, but neither of those labels really fit. Really, you’ll just be a magical driver of clarity. Have we said that word enough yet?
  • A bonus would be if you already know QuickBooks Online or have a background in accounting/bookkeeping, but these are not absolutely necessary, because teaching this is what we do.
  • This is a remote, part time, contractor position. That means there are no benefits (like health insurance), and you’ll have to use your own equipment and pay your own taxes. We expect you to work a minimum of 20 hours per week, but when you work those hours is pretty much up to you, so you can work around your family or other obligations as necessary.

Step 3: So what do you think? Are you the one we’ve been looking for? Tell us why.

Send your responses for all three steps to

We can’t wait to hear from you!