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ProAdvisor Certification

“thank you for making this easy to understand and comprehend course! I was able to get my advanced certification after struggling to comprehend the QBO training! Thankful & Grateful!”


“Despite falling asleep at my desk most nights, I somehow managed to pass all five sections of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification Test! I must admit, I was a little surprised! Absolutely coud not have done it without Margie’s program! A million thanks Ms. Margie Remmers-Davis! To you and your incredible team!!”


Payroll Certification 

“I was able to pass my QBO Online Certification exam Friday. Yesterday from 5am-5:30pm I was able to pass the QBO Advanced exam (talk about intense!!!). I could not have done it without Margie Remmers-Davis programs. I highly recommend it. Thank you!!!! Now off to tackle Payroll Exam.”

-Su Ling

Advanced Certification 

“Patience is a Virtue Indeed!! Finally Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor!! Now it’s time to get my Advanced and Payroll!! A Big Thank You to Margie Remmers-Davis to provide on of the best Quick Notes I couldn’t do it without investing in this program!!!”