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ProAdvisor Certification

“Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself… Purchased (the Basic Certification course) on Friday, Feb. 17, cooked and baked all day for my son’s birthday, took care of four sick children, snuggled a whole bunch with an infant, did a bunch of other wife/mom stuff, AND STILL GOT A 100 percent today (Tuesday, Feb 21). I was avoiding the ProAdvisor exam, because I was overwhelmed with the idea of studying. I am wowed AND SO THANKFUL. I am a super busy mom and all I can say is: Listen to Margie Remmers-Davis; she knows what she’s talking about!”


Payroll Certification 

Hi Margie,

Just wanted to let you know I passed the payroll exam (95%) !! It was Super easy.with your course. I have already signed up for the advanced certification course coming soon!! Thank you!!

–Rose Peterson

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Advanced Certification 

“You have no idea how much better her stuff is on Fast & Easy QBO. Worth every dollar. It’s not just for people who have a hard time with it, regardless of how hard or easy QBO training is, this is so targeted and effective versus the QB training. You will learn 10X using this, than studying the free stuff on QB. You definitely get what you pay in this situation.”

-Fit Bookkeeping

If you are on the fence about the Advanced course, just do it! I bought all three at once just assuming I wanted the advanced title.

Then, between doing the payroll and the advanced practice coming out, I thought it could not hurt to look at the Intuit training for it.

Boy was I wrong! It made me feel like I could not do it since I did not have 5 years of practice. So I stopped.

Now I do have accounting experience but no bookkeeping experience. With Margie Remmers-Davis’ course it was a breeze.

Go for it!!