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ProAdvisor Certification

Awesome Training! It was very easy to understand and follow. I learned so much more than I expected and passed my first attempt with using this training! — Wayside Bookkeeping Services

I tried doing it the regular route. Took 2 weeks to study, and failed 2 of the 6 sections. Had to wait until qbo let me retest, then I used Margie Remmers-Davis course. I wouldn’t attempt a QuickNoBooks Online certification without her help again. –Kandi

I am new to bookkeeping (like never done it before) and found Margie Remmers-Davis training yesterday morning and bought the prep course. I spent yesterday reviewing the material and passed the certification last night…Thank you so much Margie Remmers-Davis, you are amazing.

Payroll Certification 

Margie Remmers-Davis in ONE DAY only! When I received this email this morning that this was live I jumped on it this afternoon and GOT IT DONE!!!! OMG! Thank you soooooooo much! I am QBO Payroll Certified now! Holy Moly! (now fingers crossed I am the winner of the prize of that Air BNB from QBO). #diditinoneday, #qbopayroll, Margie Remmers-Davis YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! — Candice

Intuit’s training is all over the place. Margie tells you exactly what you need to know for each section and provides notes, examples and practice! I’ve completed the basic certification and plan to tackle advance and payroll next. Fast & Easy QBO is well worth the investment. — Kurt

Enroll in the Payroll course on Wednesday. Finished the exam Friday, averaging 93% on the new 6 sections! Now I’m just waiting for the New Advanced course to be ready.

I start a new job on 01/03/2023 and really needed these courses. They will enable me to the the best I can be for my new employer!

I’m soooo grateful to Margie Remmers-Davis for the new course software. The sound and visual effects made it seem like I was playing a really fund video game!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new set up. –Tracy

Advanced Certification 

I passed the Advanced QBO Certification today! It was so easy and so informative! Thank you Margie for all of your Hard word and your team’s hard work to make this course possible. I could not have passed this without all of your help! You are awesome! –Marilyn