Frequently Asked Questions:

Intuit Relationship [or lack thereof]

We are not associated with Intuit, QuickBooks, TurboTax or any other related enterprise. We don’t work for them, and they don’t work for us. We don’t have any contact with them, and they don’t contact us either. Two separate corporate entities, each doing it’s own thing. Our thing runs parallel to one of their things [They have many things], but that is as close as it gets.

Customer Service Policy

We do customer service every chance we get. That means we do customer service before our regular job, on the lunch break from our regular job, after we finish working our regular job, in the evenings and even on Saturdays. In other words, we will do our best to provide stellar customer service, but it may take us a day or so to get back to you. Also no Sundays. We take time off from the business on Sundays because we have other commitments of a religious nature we need to keep us strong and healthy in this world [honestly though we sometimes give into temptation and check the customer service que].

Also, it’s easier to contact us if you send us an email to

Return Policy

We’ll make this as simple as possible for you to get your money back. If you purchase the course, and decide not to do it, you get your money back. If you start one section and don’t finish, you get your money back. If you open more than one section, we’re not going to give you your money back because that information in the course is where we make the money to pay the bills here. That’s it. Email us at

The Guaranteed Pass is a little bit of a different story. If you buy the Guaranteed Pass, Margie will go through the test with you. If she determines you have done your level best in good faith but you still fail the test, she will refund your money before she’s done with you on the coaching session. That’s it. By the way, we’ve never refunded anyone’s money for failing the test. Had some close calls, but nobody’s failed. We are that good. You are gonna make it.

Privacy Policy

We kind of envy those companies who have to say “we won’t sell your information.” We don’t even know where we could sell your information. Anyways, we aren’t going to sell your information even if someone offers to buy it. That’s not how we take care of our stakeholders. We do however use your information internally. We will send your reminders if we think you may be struggling to get the course done. We will tell you of new products and services we think you may need or want. That is it. Nothing else, oh wait except we will go through your information to collect demographics to run our own organization efficiently. That is really it. Nothing else. Questions? Email us at

Our Cheating Policy

We don’t help students cheat on the QBO tests. Sometimes students try to use the Guaranteed Pass to get the answers, but we’ve been doing this a long time and it’s pretty obvious when you’re just fishing for answers. In those cases we’ll reschedule the test until you learn the material before we start again.

Our goal is to teach you the material through video lectures, then practice exercises, and more practice exercises and finally you test with the QuickNotes in your hand with the sample company open on another tab where you test your answers. It’s an open book test, and we’ve spent a lot of time and money creating a simple book for you to open during the test.


If you use one of our affiliate links, our third party affiliate puts a sixty day cookie on your computer. All that means is that if you use an affiliate link from your favorite online bookkeeping teacher you have sixty days to sign so your favorite online bookkeeping teacher can earn a commission from us. Yay!

Our website also puts cookies on your computer so we can track you. Also our learning management software puts cookies on your computer, also so we can track you.


Joel the customer service guy has a great idea so if any of you out there are rich billionaires and want to be richer billionaires, it’s available.

Imagine a really big escape room, like Super-WalMart size. A hundred thousand square feet inside. But the customer gets to be a part of this movie style adventure, with Hollywood quality special effects. And stunts. And lasers. And action going on all over the place.

Basically we’re gonna throw our customers off buildings. And blow them up. And crash their cars and light them on fire. There’s gonna be hundreds of people rioting and panicking in the streets and, Oh! Zombies. We’ll have zombies. And aliens. Explosions. Lots of explosions. It’ll be great fun. Yay!

We promise.

Frequently Asked Questions About buying The Course:

Guaranteed Pass:

Yes we guarantee you will pass if you either purchase the Guaranteed Pass Option or if you purchase Individual Coaching. The guarantee is that we will give you all your money back if we can’t teach you what you need to know to pass the QBO ProAdvisor Certification Test in a coaching session. Sorry but this guaranteed doesn’t apply to people who don’t use their coaching option.

Our association with Intuit (or the lack thereof)