One of my most popular videos is about the free Quickbooks Online certification training to become a ProAdvisor. I’ve been teaching about this for years because I think it’s an amazing free resource that you can use as a starting bookkeeper.

I just found this really awesome class that guarantees that you can pass the QuickBooks Online exam. My name is Morgan from Definitely check out my free masterclass and my free checklist on how to start a bookkeeping business. You guys know if you’re subscribe that I have tons of videos all about how to become a bookkeeper and last on training.

QBO’s Training is Hard

I feel like the bookkeeper training is really hard to sort through. It’s an industry standard that ProAdvisor training is free which is always great. But, I get multiple emails every week from people who are having a hard time passing the exam or they’re locked out or they’re worried about getting locked out. If you take it three times and you fail on the third time, you have to wait a period of 60 days before taking it again.

Fast & Easy QBO Training

It is my goal to help you guys with individual questions on the QuickBooks exam, but I found someone who is dedicated to that. Her name is Margie and her class is called Fast & Easy QBO. It’s basically like a tutoring course to pass the exam. She has really good detailed notes and a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass the QuickBooks certification exam.

I actually had heard of her and heard of this program a few years ago, but I thought it was too good to be true. I didn’t really understand it. And then it kept coming up and I kept hearing about from you and that you wanted me to review to get more information. So what I did was I found her on YouTube where she has a YouTube channel. I watched her videos and I was like, “Oh no, she’s legit!”. She has really good communication style. She knows what she’s talking about. She’s really, really specific in her niche. I reached out to Margie and emailed her personally to ask if she wanted to partner with me. Now I am one of her partners and she was able to give me a $20 off coupon for you guys. So that’s going to be in the description box below. And I hope you guys realized that I really truly only refer people that I think are legit.

The Money-back Guarantee

Later, I had a 30-minute phone conversation with her. I looked through her whole class in detail. And I think it truly truly will help you if you’re worried about passing the QuickBooks exam. And of course her money back guarantee is super attractive as well. I did just want to clarify this guarantee to pass so it is an add on that you add on when you’re purchasing it. If you buy it right off the bat, it’s $89 that gives you unlimited coaching with Margie, one-on-one personal coaching.

She goes over each section of the test that you missed and helps you find the right answer. I believe that’s done through Facebook Messenger and usually there might be other options as well. But, if you don’t buy the guarantee when you’re purchasing it, and then you try to take the test and fail you can still purchase the coaching later at $129/hourly session. At a minimum it would be $129 which is obviously significant more than that $89 that you would if purchased earlier. She does guarantee that you’re going to pass with the money-back guarantee. So, definitely think about that as you are signing up.

It’s A Replacement, Not A Supplement

Once you get into her course you’ll hear her say that her course REPLACES, not supplements but QuickBooks training. What that means, is you don’t have to go through all of the eight hours of the QuickBooks training in order to pass the class. She really does whittles it down to the most important information. It’s really like Cliff Notes! She actually has Quick Notes that is going to be your note sheet for this open book exam. When you take the QuickBooks exam you can look at any resources you want. The Quick Notes is like a little cheat sheet, but it’s not cheating because you’re allowed to do it. It’s really a time saver as you’re learning this information.

It used to be that I always recommended studying for a section, then take that section of the exam so you can focus just on the that part. But, now there’s only five modules in the QBO exam and there’s eitht sections in the training, so they don’t match up one-to-one anymore. But, if you take the Margie’s class, then there are those five sections in the training that match to the exam. She has broken it up, just like the very most updated test.

QBO Advanced Certification Training

She also has tons of resources for the advanced QuickBooks exam. If you’re at the point where you want to take the advanced exam, definitely check it out. I actually have not taken the advanced exam yet. It’s been on my list for a while, but it’s one of those things that you know, doesn’t sound very fun. So, I’ve been putting it off, but I’ve heard it’s pretty challenging. I’ll definitely utilize Margie’s class when I’m ready to take it.

Just as a final thought, those quick notes are really key and also the practice lessons with each lesson are helpful. If you passed you celebrate by letting them know or if you fail then you can purchase that guarantee. So that is a pretty cool and pretty unique thing.

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